Spa Marrakech et Hammam : Les Bains de l’Alhambra

  • Spa Marrakech et Hammam

You are willing to take a step back and access to a world full of pleasure, Bain Alhambra a Marrakech spa opens their doors for an escape from pressure, stress and find your way to happiness associated with fun in the middle of the medina of Marrakech.
Bain Alhambra is in the form of a Hammam spa in Marrakech, which provides for you several choices of appropriate treatments that fit your desires; our expert team is responsible to create a wonderful atmosphere to make you feel the beauty of Moroccan spa.
We offer high-quality service from care with mineral salts, to the massage with many bioproducts such as oils, black soap… and finally, the pleasure guaranteed by our prestigious room of manicure and pedicure.


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